lørdag den 19. november 2011

Hello peeps! Seeing as we won't have any progress of new costumes for the next months because of school, we thought we would share with you guys, some of our progress on our "Granadp Espada" adventure! 

Hairpiece for Yoshus character, with beautiful roses she made!
 Here you see our elements in progress! We had always wanted to try and dye something, and finally we had the chance as we decided that we wanted to make these silk... veil thingies, to act as water and fire in our act. We went and got the fabric and got started with the dyeing! Or actually Samie did, and then halfway trough the first one called Yoshu for help x'D We tried to do a gradient coloring on both of them, most visible on the fire piece! It was a fun experience, and we are sure to give it a go another time :)!

 In our act we had the book of four elements, and for did Samie made the pages. One of them is actually written seriously and makes sense, were as all the others have quotes from our friends, movies or songs. Oh and lots of statements like "David Tennant is hot". Cause seriously, you need to have that in your act somehow! 

The look of the pages was achieved by adding water to them first, smudge it all over and then with a brush, apply coffee to it all and play round with it. This gives the pages a torn and old look! Aaaand makes it smell like coffee forever. 

 This is the jewelry that goes on Yoshus dress in the front. It took some time to figure out how we wanted to make this, so it looked as much as the picture as possible, but in the end we really like the result!
It goes on the dress with some small "hooks" (not sure what they are called in English xD) And doesn't really weigh anything :D

And then a single picture of one of the roses, again from Yoshus dress XD All the ribbons that has stripes on both of our dresses, are made of multiple ribbons put together by hand ^^ Including Samies hat and big ass bow xD 

So sorry this isn't the most exciting post, we have figured out some of the costumes for Japan and can't wait to get started in January! 

See you soon, hopefully! 

Yoshu & Samie

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  1. I love you guys and I loved your act and your costumes and how you guys always time after time can surprise and impress me with your amazing ideas and personalities~ ♥

    again Congratulations! and I wish you guys so much luck with everything and I'm looking forward to see future entries ^__^

    Fangirl #1 ♥