søndag den 18. december 2011

Merry Christmas!

There, now we won't forget to say that. This post will be very briefly, as we don't have that much to show yet xD
We are waiting to get our "yes" from Japan on our costumes, and using our waiting time to practise and try out things!

We have made our first coloring try outs for one of the costumes, and already learnt a lot on that part! xD .. F.example not to drop your fabric into the dye - Herpy Derpy. 
So that explains the really ugly transition you see in the grading right now, that will not be there on the final product, we can tell you that!

oooh the massacre!

Getting rid of the evidence xD (My parrents hate when we dye fabric BD)

Creepy foot! Our bathroom ghost, hurhur! (Or just Yoshu... who knows!)

The purple color is way darker here than irl.
And that is what we cans how for now! .. Not much, we know - but we thought that something was better than nothing :D