onsdag den 25. april 2012

Lively are we

Yes, we are in fact still alive AND working on things! We have just been so busy, that we haven't had the time to post anything here, as we wanted to wait until we had something more than just two pictures. 
We have gotten a lot done actually, but mainly on our stage costumes, and those we will be keeping secret for a while still.. so that's why we haven't been able to post something, haha. 

But now finally, we can show you our parade costumes~
Yoshu will be Shirley (left) and Samie will be C.C (right). Both characters are from Code Geass, a show we both dearly like! We have wanted to cosplay from it for quite a while, and this seemed like the perfect time to get it done :D

So far we have made the pattern and a test for Shirley, and C.C is almost finished, so we only have pictures of C.C so far. Oh and for once a picture of Samie working on her costume, she is usually behind the camera!
But here you go, have a picture spam~

So here you have it :D Crown progress for Peach, gems for Daisy and Peach, unstyled C.C wig with bandana, skirt for C.C in the making and Peach wig being styled :D
... and one VERY ugly picture of Samie watching Merlin while working, cause Yoshu do not understand "Don't include me, only my hands".
The plans we had for Peach and Daisy didn't go to our favor, as the bigger costumes for them we had chosen turned out to be waaay too hot, so we will be making their original dresses, so that we don't die from the heat in Japan. Like we won't do that anyway.

Hope it won't take us as long to update here again ~ 

Samie & Yoshu.