lørdag den 7. juli 2012

Burdened with Glorious purpose

Christ, we didn't really keep our promise of keeping this up to date did we? 
But well, now that we've announced what we will be cosplaying at stage on facebook, we might as well show progress here!

 Moro & Maru

Since we are hard working as we are writing this, there won't be much text. Just a quick explanation of why we chose these characters. 
First of all, xxxHOLIC is a series that we both really like. It has some fantastic values, is drawn in a special way and just plain wonderful entertainment. We weren't able to bring our Granado Espada costumes with us, because it turned out they were from a Korean game, and you have to  make something japanese for the WCS :/ Besides, they would have been way to hot XD 
So we searched for something that could have the same feel of fun, magic and mystique as the elementalists, and we just kept coming back to Maru and Moro. So we chose them out of love for the series and the ability to bring some of the mood from our winning skit into it :) 

And now to a picture drop :D

So that's it for this time!
Only 19 days to go.... Wow, time has passed so quickly! Let's see if we get to make another entry before we leave to Japan x'D

See you guys!<3

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  1. Wooouuuwwiii!!!
    So many jummy progress pictures !
    You girls are gonna be so stunning! <3 <3 <3